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The beginning

40Forest started with a simple idea.. to transform plastic waste into a new sustainable product. Camiel Simonis, the founder of 40Forest, started building his machine back in 2019 that could melt the plastic waste he collected himself into a small coaster and keychain. After a few small sales to friends and relatives the story about a 20-year-old economics student that recycles plastic waste quickly spread and got a lot of attention. And so, 40Forest was born!

"I realized when I was sitting on a hill overlooking the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar that I wanted to do something that would have an impact on a better world." - Camiel

The main goal of 40Forest is to make the sustainable lifestyle affordable. So very recently after the beginning of 40Forest, Camiel started experimenting with printing T-shirts that were made from sustainable materials. His goal was to make an apparel line that would be stylish and affordable. So in the summer of 2020, the first T-shirt line with the original Orange Turtle T-shirt was launched. 

Our mission is to make the sustainable lifestyle affordable so everybody can make an impact in changing the world into a better place. We do this by keeping our distribution channels as small as possible, with an eye on the well-being of every person in the production chain and the right quality materials. 

40Forest goes for quality and sustainability

All our products cary at least one of these sustainable certifications